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In a world that is becoming increasingly difficult for people to stay healthy, there has never been a greater demand for products that take a natural, holistic approach to wellness. The demand is growing everyday for products that take an approach that is designed to strengthen the body's various systems. YoVedic.com is listening to those demands and our products perfectly meet this growing worldwide need by combining time honored wisdom with cutting edge technology. By providing the finest quality herbs and nutritional supplements directly to you, YoVedic.com gives you the tools you need to take charge of your health so you can look and feel your best.

We at YoVedic.com will never compromise the quality of our products. Quality begins in the fields, where only the finest herbs and raw materials are selected. Our company's global sourcing of raw materials ensures that the highest quality products are chosen from each harvest season. When you purchase a product from YoVedic.com you are getting the best!

By maintaining these intense levels of quality control and by constantly developing new methods and techniques to ensure top product quality, YoVedic.com's trusted suppliers perpetuate their long-standing position at the forefront of the industry. The natural result is a large and growing family of customers comprised of men and women throughout North America who wouldn't think of buying their Ayurvedic products from anyone else.

Quality Assurance Standards

Ethically Wildcrafted and Certified Organic Herbs

As a company, YoVedic.com takes enormous pride in the quality of the products we offer. Indeed, quality is the first part of the YoVedic.com creed which is "Quality, Service, and Integrity." In order to offer the highest quality products, we start with the finest raw materials available. All of the Ayurvedic herbs we offer are cultivated from natural sources. They are grown in their natural environments so as to insure the utmost potency and authenticity of the plants. Therefore, all of the herbs we offer are either wild crafted (grown wild, not on farms) or certified organic (cultivated on farms).

Testing Procedures and Information

Heavy Metal testing

We at YoVedic.com have the utmost confidence in our trusted suppliers, as they ensure the selection and import of the quality of products that we can safely sell. The testing procedures used are based on the World Health Organization standards of testing for heavy metals. Each heavy metal test includes testing for LEAD, MERCURY, ARSENIC, and CADMIUM.

E. coli testing

The dangers of Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria are well- known. Present in large enough quantities, this bacteria can be fatal. Our suppliers test all raw materials for the presence of E. coli using specially designed E. coli count plates which contain an indicator that turns the bacteria blue if present. This allows for visual identification of the bacteria and, of course, rejection of that particular batch of raw material.

Salmonella testing

Salmonella bacteria is responsible for many food poisoning cases. Our trusted suppliers test for salmonella bacteria in herb raw materials and products using what is called a 1-2 test. This test allows us to obtain results much more quickly than standard culture methods.

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